JASON RUHA - Director

Jason started in the industry working on documentaries as Director of Photography at Public Television in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Later, Jason found himself at Vazda Studios in Birmingham as a Director. That experience led to Jason taking over as President of Vazda. While serving as both President and Director, Jason quickly built a reel working with clients such as Toyota, Chevrolet and The Weather Channel. Tired of riding the creative and management seesaw, Jason left Vazda to continue his career as a Director. In 2010, Jason and John Kacker launched Protagonist Digital. This allowed both to combine their unique talents in Directing, Cinematography and Editing to give clients a one-stop solution in a budget competitive market. Jason’s focus and love for the documentary genre is apparent in his style: real people and real situations. He specializes in: Healthcare, Kids, Financial, Educational, Cars and Real People.


JOHN KACKER - Cinematographer, Editor