"The Real People Project"

With over 450 stores in 32 states, retail shoe company, Rack Room Shoes, was looking for a way to both engage their customer base and build brand loyalty.

The Real People Project was a social media campaign conceived as a way to tell the stories of the average customer, while highlighting the various shoe brands and all the different and unique places people wear their shoes.

The campaign centered around the tag line "I am (insert name), and this is where I take my Rack Room Shoes." 

After a lengthy submission process, 6 subjects were chosen and we were off and running.

15,000+ miles and 1 year later, we succeeded in generating over half a million views across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  All platforms saw a significant increase in traffic and engagement during the life of the campaign.

Click on the above image to watch the stories of these inspiring Rack Room Shoes customers.



"An American Success Story"

Many American motorcycle start-ups have come and gone over the years, but Motus has defied the odds by designing and engineering a 100% American made motorcycle from the ground up, including a unique engine to power it.

The Baby Block V-4 is an amazing feat of modern engineering and its unique design has generated immense interest within the industry.

We've been involved with Motus from the time designs were just being drawn up on a napkin, to bikes being available on showroom floors all across the country, as they are today. 

From guerrilla shoots on local back roads, to setting land speed records on the historic Bonneville Salt Flats, to witnessing a factory come to life, we've been honored to document and witness this success story being played out right before our eyes.

Our storytelling helped excite and educate the consumer on the Motus brand through a grass roots digital marketing effort including a custom website, MailChimp, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Click on the above image to see the Motus story.

SEC Hap.jpg


"Various Projects"

Our long term relationship with one of the nation's leading collegiate athletic and academic conferences has seen us involved in many different campaigns over the years.  

We’ve produced spots on the topic of sportsmanship, conducted interviews at SEC Media Days for both Football and Basketball, contributed to the Extra Yard for Teachers program, and have produced numerous feature stories about the many athletic and academic achievements of both faculty and students alike, conference wide.

This work has not only aired nationally on on CBS, ESPN, ESPN 2 and the SEC Network but also is an important part of the SEC digital marketing campaign including: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+.  

Click on the above image to see some samples of our work for the SEC.